C-Auto Body Spray Equipment | Certified PPG Paint Products

C-Auto Body provides quality auto paint & refinishing services. We use a state of the art spray booth provided by Blowtherm. We guarantee your vehicle will have that “showroom” shine just like the day you bought it. All our cars are refinished using certified PPG refinishing products.

Vehicle entry door 10” wider, we provide a 4 wing frontal – helps eliminate turning radius issues with larger vehicles

Hip Light designed at the perfect angle in combination with our vertical wall lights eliminates shadows that you will get with horizontal wall lights

BlowTherm Spray Booth

Intake filtration – protects fans -no maintenance, helps insure cleaner paint jobs.

Automotive Spray Booth

Pull through burner system – 100% efficient, lower NOX and CO2 emissions no cold spots ever.

C-Auto Body Paint Prep

The new body panels are primed, prepped and painted to await installation.

Each affected body panel of the vehicle is treated for corrosion protection.

After the vehicle is measured, the new automotive body panels are replaced and then the vehicle is checked again for dimension accuracy to guarantee a factory fit and finish.

C-Auto Body Paint Prep

The body panels and or vehicle is then moved into our Blowtherm spray booth and primed using certified PPG products.

Your body panels and or vehicle is then water block sanded using increasingly finer sanding grits. This process ensures a smooth perfect surface, free of impurities.

C-Auto Body Paint Finish

C-Auto Body will then meticulously inspect the vehicles surface and or body panels then pressure wash the vehicle to remove grease, tar, smudges and any other contamination that may inhibit a quality paint application and showroom finish. If necessary, door jambs and inside edges are painted before applying the exterior paint.


Finally, the areas are masked off. We then clean the vehicle one final time, blowing any dust off with compressed air. After this we place the car inside our state of the art Blowtherm spray paint booth.